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Vatican-Congregation for Catholic Education- OMAEC

Vatican-Congregation for Catholic Education- OMAEC

On September 16, there was hold a meeting between the Congregation for Catholic Education and OMAEC, at the headquarters of the Congregation in Rome.

Attendees were welcomed by Msgr. Angelo Vincenzo Zani, Dicastery Secretary General, and invited to present the motivations for the meeting.

OMAEC delegation was composed by Chairman Mr. Jose Antonio Cecilia, correspondent to the Vatican Mrs. Federica Rossi Germani and OMAEC delegate to UNESCO and President of the CONFAEC France, Mr. Laurent Gregoire.

Msgr. Zani Assistance and attendance was permanent, being the principal topic of the meeting.

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After hearing all the arguments, Mgr Zani requested to expand the information, to a deeper learn  about the activity in the world of OMAEC and its results, especially regarding its social action

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