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UNAEC Europe – convoi77

UNAEC Europe – convoi77

The UNAEC Europe supports the project  mentioned during the General Assembly  of the CEEC (European Committee for Catholic Education)of which it UNAEC is a member.

“Convoy 77” is an association created to propose “an educational and memorial project around the last large convoy of deportees from Drancy“. Convoy 77 is the last large convoy that left Drancy on July 31, 1944 to Auschwitz carrying to the death camp 1310 men, women and children. The people who were in this convoy came from 33 different European countries, even if the most numerous of them were French, and in a smaller number, Poles.auswitch-e1539636049231

The project aims to encourage schools to take up this issue, by inviting them to concretely produce a biography of one of the people present in this convoy, if possible a person who was born and lived in the same country, the same region or the same city as the school. By investigating, looking for traces, places, people, photographs, testimonies, the schools can find a project of educational nature that will perpetuate the memory of the Shoah.convoi77 In doing so, participating schools will find in this project a way of developing a form of pedagogical approach to the intercultural dimension, which we developed at our recent symposium.

The website www.convoi77.org will further inform you about the actions carried out by the association. It is accessible in French, English and Polish.