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What is Fair Trade?

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is an alternative support system and conventional negotiation, which continues the development of peoples and the fight against poverty. ”

10 Conditions for a product is fair trade
1-Workers receive a fair wage
2-Gender equality between men and women
3-No exploitation of children
4-Respectful of the environment
5-Long-term business relationship
6-Pre finances part of the production
7-Democratically organized
8-Respect cultural identity
9-A portion of the profits go to community development
10-High quality items.

What kind of products about fair trade?
Food & Beverage
Health and Beauty

The commitment of the alumni of Catholic education
“Former students of Catholic education must be sensitive and be aware that changing consumption habits, promoting fair trade and responsible consumption is a way to improve the world for the most disadvantaged.”

What can we do?
In each of our houses, one stable product fair
Spread in our environment, the existence of fair trade.

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