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Organised around Catholic education

Organised around Catholic education

Article in the newspaper OPINION, signed by OMAEC’s Correspondent in Bolivia, Mr. Carlos M. Arroyo


en-Carlos ArroyoThe presence of the Catholic Church in fundamental fields for the full and integral development of people has centuries of history. In most poor countries, it has even come to supplant the role of the state in seeking to guarantee fundamental rights such as education. Bolivia is no exception.

Its presence has been evident in primary, secondary, technical and higher education. It is enough to look at the number of graduates from the different educational works of the Church or the number of teachers in Bolivia who have been prepared to train new generations from the identity of Catholic education.

As an educational proposal, the formation of new subjects is proposed at the school level, through the development of human and Christian values that promote the dignity of the person. And at the university level, it “contributes to the protection and development of human dignity and cultural heritage through research, teaching and the various services offered to local, national and international communities” (Ex Corde Ecclesiae #12).

In 1967, with the purpose of articulating the strength of millions of men and women educated in hundreds of thousands of Catholic institutions all over the world, the World Organisation of Former Students of Catholic Education (OMAEC) was constituted and has an active presence in various international bodies; it is accredited and maintains official relations with international organisations such as Unesco, UN, ILO, Unicef, FAO and the Council of Europe. It actively contributes to these bodies based on the vision, principles and values of Catholic education.

OMAEC is organised through world and continental confederations, national federations and correspondents in countries where there are no national federations. Bolivia is one of the countries where there is only one correspondent.

Bringing together the alumni of Catholic education in the country could be a powerful means to realise the Global Education Pact proposed by Pope Francis to make the world a more dignified place for all in the present and in the future.



OMAEC Correspondent BOLIVIA

Full Time Teacher DCSH UCB