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OMAEC SOLIDARITY – delivery of computers

OMAEC SOLIDARITY – delivery of computers

pcLast year, the company BT Spain made a donation to the OMAEC of computers and mobile phones for social purposes; for these issue we have the collaboration from the NGO PROYDE.


Donated equipment have been allocated In the last months as follows:


COSTA RICA, through our correspondent Daniel Langlois.DANIEL LANGLOIS-Costa Rica

PANAMA, through our correspondent, Luis Wong, assigned to PROA PANAMÁ.LUIS WONG-Panamá

CUBA, through young students who travel to Cuba and go to the La Salle Center in Havana.cuba1

SENEGAL, through the Vice-president of OMAEC Hubert Dacosta and that are destined to the GENERATION NO VIOLENCE project and to the SISTERS OF SANTA BERNARDETA.Senegal 3Senegal1