Between May 5th and 22nd, our President -Alfonso Giraldo-, Executive Vice-President -José Ramón Batiste- and Secretary General -Vladimir Gomez- held working meetings with the Directors of all our Secretariats, in order to concretise the plan of action and the tasks in each area.

ComunicacionesOur first meeting, as it was considered of great importance for the organisation, was with the Communications Secretariat, in fact, we have already begun to see the fruits, led by our Director Aaron Caterina, with the renewal of our Facebook page, the creation of Instagram and Linkedin accounts, and the reservation of the new domain omaec.org.  The meeting also included an evaluation of our current online presence and a priority to modernise our website.

In our meeting with Polydor Lokombe, Director of the Correspondents’ Secretariat, we discussed the current reality of our worldwide network of correspondents, as well as the correspondent management protocol approved during our last Board meeting.  P. Lokombe is preparing a project in the area of correspondents to present to the working team.

In the Secretariat of Continuous Training, in charge of Fabián Jerkovich, we have some extraordinary news regarding very interesting projects, among which we can highlight the signing of a collaboration agreement between some universities and the OMAEC to promote ongoing formation, with the possibility of offering official courses with a diploma, always keeping in mind the formation of our members.

In charge of the Youth, our dear Marco Russo, Director of the Secretariat of the Youth Forum, is doing interesting work in relation to the next World Youth Day Lisbon 2023, and is preparing to form a working team with young people from our different associate members.

The meeting with the International Relations Secretariat was very fruitful, mainly because of the great experience of both our IR Director, José Antonio Cecilia, and our Delegates to the Holy See and UNESCO, Federica Rossi and Laurent Grégoire.  L. Grégoire prepared an excellent summary detailing the history of international relations that OMAEC has had and still has.  During the meeting we reviewed how to manage these international relations in order to further strengthen our organisation at the international level.

Last but not least, we held our meeting with the Solidarity and Social Justice Secretariat, to which our President give great importance for our management, emphasizing the practice of a living and working charity of our organization, particularly on the issue of migration.  Nelson Moros, our Secretariat Director, will prepare a practical project, involving themes such as entrepreneurship, training and migration.

The new OMAEC 2021 – 2024 team in action!