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Don Bosco Confederation visit Sahrawi camps

Don  Bosco Confederation visit Sahrawi camps

Tindouf, January 4.

The Confederation Don Bosco, represented by its president Angel Gudiña has been part of the young Delegation organized by the CJE and CEAS-Sahara (State Coordinator of Friends Associations of the Saharawi people) that took place from December 29 to 3 January in Auserd, coinciding with the VIII Congress of the UJSARIO (Council of Youth of the Saharawi people), which elected the new Secretary General.

On December 29th we attended the inauguration of the VIII Congress in which a large number of authorities including the President of the Republic were present. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) M. Abdelaziz and where the UJSARIO recognized work of some institutions, including the ECJ, with an honorary award. On December 30 foreign delegates participated in the Conference of Solidarity with the Saharawi people through workshops on the situation of the Saharawi people: violation of human rights in areas occupied by Morocco (explained by AFAPREDESA, Association of Relatives of Disappeared and Torture), the Wall of Shame (which divides the country from end to end) and the plundering of natural resources.

On 31 attended a festive parade and evening listening to some of the candidates for Secretary General of the UJSARIO and we had a discussion with Mr. Khadad the Saharawi Representative to the MINURSO (UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara, which curiously does not ensure compliance with human rights in the region, despite the constant violation thereof) where we could see first hand the difficulties of this UN mission aimed referendum determination (right of any decolonized territory) hampered by countries like France and Spain.

After a very different year-end celebration, each with their host family Saharawi, Day 1 we drove up & ldquo; & rdquo liberated territory; Western Sahara to join the protests of & ldquo; Cries Against the Wall & rdquo; and know first hand that abomination, while holding a peaceful protest march against the minefield that guards the 2700 km of this wall, plus thousands of families separated, allowing the plundering of natural resources by Morocco.

On January 2nd we walked part of the camps, knowing Rabuni where the seat of government of the Polisario Front is, and where we visited the Museum of the Resistance and the headquarters of AFAPREDESA, or Camp February 27, where we met with the Governor thereof talked about the experience in politics in a Sahrawi woman,


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