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Miami-USA-Educational Center of San Juan Bautista Lasalle

Miami-USA-Educational Center of San Juan Bautista Lasalle

“Today we are La Salle”

The Center was the Apostolic commitment alumni of the College of La Salle, (Cuban exiles living in Miami, Florida, USA), offered to their former masters, the Brothers of the Christian Schools in La Salle, as a testimony of gratitude from the teachings they received and pledged themselves to found a space to serve people & quot; neediest & quot;, looking for a secluded spot outside the city in one of the Agricultural Camps where lies the Mission Santa Ana, with peasant farmers, most of whom are of Mexican origin.
We always said that & quot; these people come from a Third World to First World and receive no benefits or one or the other & quot;.
Our beginning was helping in the catechesis and youth group, but gradually went wrapping in other activities, until one day Sister. Soledad Mendoza (Guadalupe Mission of the Holy Spirit) instance we invited young people to help her in Educational Overcoming them, starting this Center on July 20, 1991; . later one Hno.de La Salle, Brother Miguel Dominguez called FSC, and now deceased, we present a work proposal, which was entitled ” Lasallian Pastoral Plan “.
The Centre is managed and maintained by the alumni of La Salle as well as neighbors and friends, with the assistance, support and counseling of HH de La Salle ( www.lasalle.org ) through Districts Antilles-Mexico South and US DENA.
We offer for love of God our Lord and the charism of our Founder Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the following information:

1. Program for after school homework help and leveling of knowledge.
2. Program seam.
3. Program teaching English to adults at night.
4. Library Service.
5. Computer education for adults and children.
6. The practice of sports.
7. Band.

Our main objective is:
1. Support students in performing their tasks and projects, reinforcing their knowledge to avoid attrition.
2. To teach the basics of sewing so that the student is capable of self and independently create their own clothing.
3. Provide the foundation for adult learners of English as a management tool for your life in this country and secondly to understand more of their own children, who are losing their native language schools.
4. Provide the community a place where they can learn, practice reading and computer use.
5. Getting adults to integrate the computer world young people practice their knowledge acquired at school.
6. Develop habits of discipline, solidarity and perseverance through sport.
7. Raise your self-esteem.

We are legally recognized as a & quot; Non-Profit Organization & quot; or NGOs in the State of Florida-USA, under the name of & quot; Center for Arts and Crafts De La Salle & quot.
We received many donations in services and materials; housing is provided by Homestead Housing Authority, which gives us 3 different houses to run at no cost, as well as other private organizations that give us food and money for the support of the Centre.

Donations can be sent to:
Centro De La Salle
P.O. Box 653836
Miami-Fl. 33265-3836 USA



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