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Alumni Don Bosco – President’s greetings

Alumni Don Bosco –  President’s greetings

Dear Alumni and Friends of Don Bosco,

I am very happy to be able to share some reflections in this new publication.

In the year 2020, it is for us Ex-students and Friends of Don Bosco memorable to celebrate the jubilee year of the Ex-students as it is the 150th anniversary of the foundation of our movement. I invite you to enjoy all the celebrations that await us.

Don Bosco asked the first alumni led by Carlo Gastini to stay together, to stay with him and the Salesians and to help each other. This is also the reason for the celebration of the Jubilee Year, to help each other.

I imagine that everyone has various opportunities to help and I encourage you to continue to reach out to others. I would like to invite you to think of other possibilities to help others.

As alumni, one of our values and cornerstones is to be useful, but we can do this with our own possibilities to be lay and professional. It is our charisma to be active in the world also through our skills and professional work. This means that we can do a lot of good through who we are. In our daily professional life, we are asked to help in all fields: economic, social and political. It is in our nature as Alumni to let the love of Don Bosco shine through our actions and lives. The Rector Major’s recommendation for this year invites us to be good Christians and honest citizens.

I invite you to contemplate the jubilee year. I invite you to find new ways to help each other.

I invite you to be good Christians and honest citizens as Don Bosco wanted us to be.

You are in my prayers and intentions.

In Don Bosco

Michal Hort

President of the World

Confederation Don Bosco Alumni