Alfonso Giraldo Giraldo Saavedra, new President of OMAEC, elected at the General Assembly of 28 November 2020

Colombian nationality, born 5 July 1960. He is married with two sons. He speaks Spanish and Italian.

Former pupil of the Salesian College of Leo XIII of Bogota, class of 1979.

Lawyer graduated from Santo Tomás University of Bogota, 1988. Specialist in compared public law, the Institute of European Studies in Turin, Italy, 1990. Public Law Specialist, National University of Colombia, 1993 Specialist in university education at Santo Tomás University of Bogota, 2002. Magisterium in Criminal Law of Santo Tomás University of Bogota, 2017 Has practised as a lawyer in the public sector ; in the Congress of the Republic, as a consultant and contractor and, over the past 20 years, in the Office of the General Attorney of the Nation, performing the functions of specialized professional, director and head of the National Division of Judicial Police Investigations, Section Director of the Office of the Prosecutor of the City of Santa Marta, Tax expert at the National Anti-Money Laundering Directorate and currently in the Odebrecht Case Panel at the Office of the Prosecutor at the Supreme Court of Justice.

In parallel with his professional practice, he worked for a little over 15 years in teaching, starting at a secondary college and passing through several universities in the country. He takes up his work among the former pupils of the Salesians as a vocation and has done so since the 1980s. He is currently president of the Association of former pupils of the Salesians of the Province of Bogota. As OMAEC correspondent in Colombia, he was elected in October 2017 in Rome, President of UNAEC-America, the American Union of former pupils of Catholic Education, which gave him the right to become Vice-President of OMAEC.