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SOS from Mozambique

SOS from Mozambique

DESPITE DROUGHT continues HOPE ALIVE DAY BEST Sofala, Mozambique.

Mangunde region, Chibabava district, Sofala province lives the worst case scenario of drought and widespread famine in human history of this century, derived from the El Niño phenomenon, which has already caused damage to more communities. This situation is punished directly to the 10,000 inhabitants of Mangunde live simply to large families. All exacerbated by the lack of rain recorded in the agricultural season 2015/2016 completely harmful production and raising a general lack of food never lived in this generation. The situation is so complicated and serious for these families who need help. The population hit by this dramatic situation is innocent and continues their fate without assistance; there is no alternative power began to share with jungle animals, consumption, risky, wild fruits, most of which are toxic to humans.

However, the biggest surprise in the middle of all this sad crisis is the population that does not lose hope to cultivate the land, and has already opened extensive waiting for the rain that could change the course of history areas. It seems that hunger gives more strength! Despite the vast open agricultural areas, the population has no seeds for planting. According to the population and the open area (fields), it requires a total of 20 tonnes of maize seed, which is the main crop is produced and consumed in this region. For these reasons and more, we want to launch on behalf of the population of Mangunde a request to all people of good faith in order to send any maize grain and tubers or other seeds in the 2016/2017 agricultural season released to minimize the malnutrition multiplies hunger begging, migration, school absences and more.

We believe this helps save lives and many families who desperately need something to eat.Mozb

To collaborate, they can contact the OMAEC Correspondent in Mozambique

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