What is OMAEC?


OMAEC is an international Non-profit organization to gather Associations Organizations and Veterans and Former Pupils of Catholic Education. Created there nearly 50 years, this organization has adapted throughout its history to new social contexts, with the desire to pursue the objectives set out in its articles.

What is OMAEC?

The force of 150 million men and women, educated in Catholic schools 300,000 worldwide.

For more than a century runs locally very active Associations of Former Students mutual aid and support of Catholic schools, giving Christian witness. In 1960, Pope John XXIII asked alumni of Catholic schools scattered throughout the world that are grouped to coordinate their action. After preparatory work, the World Organization of Former Students of Catholic Education, was established OMAEC.

The OMAEC is attached to the Vatican Secretariat of State, through the Pontifical Institute Pius IX. Initially recognized by the Vatican as an International Catholic Organisation, OIC as a result of the dissolution of these (OIC) is a Public Association of the Faithful (Public Law).

The OMAEC groups attached 3 types of members:

  1. Confederations Global Alumni different congregations dedicated to education.
  2. Continentals Unions Alumni of Catholic Education
  3. Alumni National Federation of Catholic Education.
  4. Members correspondents in countries where no National Federations

The OMAEC has the Continental Unions to bring the reality of OMAEC geographical areas. The OMAEC, since 1986, has a special branch, the Youth Commission , particularly active, with representation, voice and vote in the Executive Committee.

The OMAEC has 2 priority objectives:

  • The Education of Man in Christian values.
  • The promotion of man and his dignity.

International instances

The OMAEC is active in various international fora; is accredited and maintains official relations:

UNESCO, based in Paris
ONU (ECOSOC-Economic and Social Council), based in New York
OIT (based in Ginebra)
UNICEF (based in Ginebra)
FAO (based in Roma)
COUNCIL OF EUROPE (Estrasburgo), represented by UNAEC – Europa


In 1960 on the occasion of the World Congress of Catholic Laity, Cardinal Bea, presented the proposal to establish a World Organization Alumni / as of Catholic Education.

His Holiness Pope Paul VI was informed of the project and sent his special blessing.

From 1960-1967, he served a commission study with representatives Confederations / Unions World by: Christian Brothers, Salesians, Jesuits, Marist Brothers, Dominican Sisters, Sisters of St. Clotilde, Ursuline, Sacred Heart Daughters Mary Help of National Confederations of Italy (CONFEDEREX) and France (Cofaec).

Pope Paul VI sent his blessing several times for this work.

The 3rd World Congress of the Lay Apostolate was held in Rome from 11 to 15 October 1967; OMAEC founding took place on October 14, 1967 at the Trinity Institute of Forestry (Sacred Heart), located in Spain’s Square in Rome.

In the same year, the OMAEC received the status “C” consultation at UNESCO (Napoli president). During the presidency Veevaete status “B” collaboration with UNESCO was received. In 1980 UNAEC Europe (Veevaete) was founded.

In 1989, during the presidency of Dr. Andreoli, OMAEC signs the contract with the Holy See and became officially recognized as UCI (International Catholic Organization) and as such was accepted at the Conference of International Catholic Organizations.

In 1994 he founded the ULAEC (Latin Union), which became the UAEEC – American Union Congress in Lima in 2002, being president of the OMAEC Mr. Leseur.

During the presidency of Professor Pires OMAEC joined the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).


  1. ENCOURAGE global commitment and cooperation of Alumni Associations of Catholic Education, to safeguard the dignity and the service of the human community without distinction, according to the principles of Catholic education.
  2. SERVE partner agencies in conducting their own purposes and stimulate relations between them: understanding, mutual support and common actions based on Christian values and charisms that encourage institutions that have educated their members. (Catholic Colleges and Universities, etc.).
  3. PROMOTE the creation of world organizations of alumni of Institutes of Consecrated Life or diocesan institutes, and the creation of Continental Unions and national federations, where none exist.
  4. PROMOTE global knowledge, affirmation and diffusion of gospel values in education, and particularly freedom of education.
  5. REPRESENT their bodies/organizations in all matters relating to common initiatives at the international level and in particular the United Nations Organization – UN and its agencies.
  6. HOLD permanently worldwide, relations with international organizations that are directly or indirectly interested in educational issues and the promotion of the person.
  7. OPINION on social, cultural, economic and political issues always defending Christian values related to its purposes.