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Assembly by Italian Federation of Jesuit Alumni

Assembly by Italian Federation of Jesuit Alumni

General Assembly of FEDEREX (Italian Federation of Former Students of the Society of Jesus) met in Naples by February 2017.  FEDEREX was founded in Milan by 1948.  There were attending delegates from Abruzzo, Rome, Naples, Padova, Milan, Palermo, Bari and Torino. The meeting took place in the mirror room of the historic Cariati Palace (XVIII century), head office of the Pontano College.

In the first meeting day, there was a roundtable discussion regarding “new poverties” with the assistance of Professor Aldo Masullo (emeritus professor and moral philosophy at the University of Naples). The day concluded with a classical music concert by the soloists of Santa Sofia and dinner in the Canotiers Club of Naples.2017_0219federexnapoli0029_opt

The second day commenced with the end-of-term report of President Giuseppe Mariano, whom definitively left his position; all attendance, with great emotion, express their gratitude for his work for 19 years of presidency. Then came the speech of Father Vitangelo Denora S.J. (Delegate of Father Provincial for the schools of Italy and Albania and President of the Foundation “Jesuits for Education” who has announced that in July there will be the unification of the Provinces of Italy and Malta of the Company of Jesus, later on, described the status of the educational project of the Jesuits in Italy and presented some important initiatives from Malta and Albania schools and the numerous solidarity initiatives organized by the students.2017_0219federexnapoli0120_opt

Following the presentation of their activities for every attending Association and a thorough debate, by the end of the afternoon, new positions were elected: President: Fabio CROCCOLO, Vice-Presidents: Lucia MAUCERI and Paolo AROSIO, Treasurer: Stefano GATTIGLIA and the previous President Giuseppe MARIANO has been appointed delegate for international reports. The day ended with a gala dinner at the Hotel San Francisco Al Monte, which is located in a convent dating from 16th century.

By Sunday morning, with Mass at the Pontano Institute and the visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, there were completed the three days meeting, where there was strengthened their sense of belonging and the satisfaction of belonging to the great family of the ancients / Students of the Jesuit schools.

Giuseppe Mariano