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Convergence Workshop” at CCIC headquarters in Paris

Convergence Workshop” at CCIC headquarters in Paris

April 11, 2018 “Convergence Workshop” at CCIC headquarters in Paris

A meeting of delegates of Catholic-inspired NGOs forming the platform of UNESCO’spartner CCIC (International Catholic Centre for Cooperation with UNESCO) washeld on 11 April at CCIC headquarters in Paris.

The aimwas to highlight the themesthatbring NGOs together.

40 NGO representatives met for a working meeting . Theynotedthat a deep agreement existed between them on the values that motivate them and on the other hand, that the specificities of each NGO on geographical representativeness, target audiences, means of action that remain different. The functions in the Church are varied but itisalways the same Lord” (Cor 12), says Saint Paul.20180411_144305

Carefully prepared, the exercise of this meeting consisted in condensing every one’s reflectioninto very short sentences written on a “post’it”. These “post’it” have been aggregated to other saccording to close thoughts, reflections or proposals. Clouds of ideas have thusemerged.

Each participant having been able to express him selffreely, we observe a real unity of opinion on subjectssuch as education, young people, women and girls, Africa, poverty, migrants… which constitute the common foundation of the Catholic NGO platformaround the CCIC allowing relevant and effective advocacy with UNESCO.