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COPAAEC Assembly – Portugal

COPAAEC Assembly – Portugal


 COPAAEC Assembly, day 25/06/2016 – Torre da Aguilha, São Domingos de Rana. PORTUGAL.

Participation was important and it was chaired by Mr. Antonio G. Pires, current Chairman and the Ecclesiastical Assistant, Fr José Carlos. F. Otero.

The meeting commenced with the opening prayer and then, chairman OMAEC, Mr. José Antonio Cecilia –special guest to the meeting-, gave a few words of greeting, among other things said:

… “Now you reach the COPAAEC continuity, I’m glad with what I was able to do about it and encourage you to keep moving forward.”FOTO PRESIDENTE DE OMAEC

…”You know that there are bad times for the  Catholic Church are: There are only a few  religious vocations, there are constant attacks on our teachings, mistreat of images and temples, but Christ said:” … Hell’s door would not prevail against the church”.

… “Pope Francis asks for everyone help, especially to those whom believe that we can provide a service commitment to help.”

… “You know that we have a motto:” We came to learn, we left to serve”. This creates a service commitment wherever we are. “

… “Antonio was an OMAEC former president, I learn a lot of things from him, and received always good advices, again, I appreciates his service.”

 The Ecclesiastical Assistant, gave an interesting message evoking the words of the president of OMAEC, also emphasizing the need of assistance from the alumni to the church nowadays, when the lack of vocations is evident.

Later on, Mr. Antonio G. Pires presented the three candidates for president of COPAEC received:

  • Ana Gomes
  • Jesus Antonio Oliveira
  • José Abel Pereira Silva

According with its statutes, the election process is open for a 3 months reflection period and, after that, the new president would be finally elected.

Mr. Antonio G. Pires read a message of support and sent the next incorporation of La Salle AAA Portugal.

Completed the day with a lively fellowship meal.LOGO COPAAEC

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